Studio Nathan Coley

Jerusalem Syndrome 2005


Single Screen Projection (20mins)
Shot on Super 16mm film and Dv Cam. Transferred onto DVD

Other Information

Commissioned by the University of Dundee Exhibitions Department.

Subsequently shown:
British Art Show 6, Baltic, Gateshead, 2005
A Cidade Interpretada, Santiago de Compostella, Spain, 2006
The Jerusalem Show, Al-Ma'mal Foundation for Contemprary Art, Jerusalem 2009


Jack Motram, The Herald, 9 Jan 2005

Iain Gale, A Biblical Experience, The Scotsman, 10 Jan 2005

Barry Didcock‘Psychosis and the City’, The Sunday Herald, 9 Jan 2005

Jerusalem Syndrome

Jenny Brownrigg

Jerusalem Syndrome is a rare travel psychosis, afflicting people who find themselves intoxicated by the Holy Land. Those affected can be found at holy sites, chanting, signing and delivering sermons as if living in the time of Christ.
Coley’s work was filmed on location in Jerusalem in November 2004 during the holy month of Ramadan, and during the period of Yasser Arafat’s failing health in a Paris Hospital

taken from the axhibition brochure 'Jerusalem Syndrome' Nathan Coley, Cooper Gallery DJCAD, Dundee